New battery types in stock for modules and battery packs

At Power Battery, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality battery modules and packs for a decent price. That’s why we’re moving with the times, now that the smaller 18650 Li-Ion are becoming so popular that worldwide shortages are quickly driving up the prices.

We’ve decided to change our battery range to include the better available 21700 cells. Additionally, we’re adding more types of LiFePo4 batteries. These changes will give you more options to select the best battery solution for your EV application that meets your business case!

Developments in battery pack production

As the interest in our Li-Ion modules and cooling technology grows, the interest in our ability to design and manufacture drop-in battery pack solutions grows even faster. We experience that most of our customers are requesting a drop-in solution since that option is scarce in the market.

We’re fully aware that building a safe, robust, reliable, and durable battery pack is not easy. Specifically for low or medium production volumes. One of the core competences of Power Battery is keeping the costs for dop-in packs in low volume at a fair price.

Changes in our Li-Ion portfolio

For all the applications that need to save space and weight, our range of fluid cooled Li-Ion modules and battery packs is still the best choice. We’ve decided to add 21700 modules and battery packs to our range of products. We’re adding 6 new modules with 8 or 12 cells of the Li-Ion 21700 type to the Extreme, Performance and Endurance product ranges. We also keep the existing 18650 Extreme, Performance and Endurance modules.


Changes to our LiFePo4 battery selection

We find that for the other half of our customers the price of a battery pack is more important than size and weight considerations. These customers tend to favor the excellent LiFePo4 batteries for their battery packs. This type of cell is less temperature critical, has an excellent lifespan and is much cheaper per kWh.

So, for most application in industry, construction equipment and agriculture, this type of cell meets the requirements on both technical and business aspects. In our continuous search to offer you the best solutions available on the market, we’re now sourcing new LiFePo4 battery types, that are in ample supply and available at reasonable prices. (Spoiler! LiFePo4 drop-in packs prices are as now available at prices as low as € 350,00 per kWh.)

Updates available soon

We’re updating our website and production facilities as we speak. However, we can already take the new types into consideration for your projects and applications.

If you’re curious what these new types would mean for your application, you can contact our sales team. They’ll provide you with excellent advice on the best battery solution for your application!


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