Fluid cooled battery solutions for high performance electric vehicles


Tailored battery cooling solutions

The Power Battery product portfolio has an innovative, and unique cooling principle for battery packs. Allowing EV's to operate at high power output without performance loss. 

  • Ready to use and suitable for most applications
  • Flexible design to fit any space
  • Cool batteries at high power output
  • Ideal for high voltage EV applications 

An optimized battery solution for high demand markets  

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Seamless integration with your existing platform

Our battery provides engineering services and production of the high demand EV market, for example for sport applications, special vehicles and classic cars. The flexible design enables us to make it fit any space.

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Power Battery Calculator

Use the calculator to find out how many modules you need and to calculate the exact specifications for your battery pack. Use the comparison sheet to compare Power Battery versus LiFePo4 batteries. 

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High voltage EV solutions 

All our products are individually approved at 2500 volts. The high voltage enables our batteries to deliver excellent performance and high power output. This requires appropriate safety measures in order to create a safe working environment.

Retrofitting a vehicle to electric power

A step-by-step guide on how to convert an existing vehicle to EV.

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