About us

Vision on a future with electric vehicles

We believe that electric vehicles are the future of mobility. First and foremost for environmental reasons. But also because we strongly believe that lower emissions and renewable energy will be the most economical solution in the long run. Our contribution to this future consists of designing and building the best high-power and robust fluid cooled battery solutions currently available on the market.

Designed for the future, ready today

Our fluid cooling solutions help to manage the optimal operating temperatures of the Li-Ion battery cells. Ensuring maximum performance and increasing the longevity of the battery pack up to three times of that of the competition. And, with the batteries being the most expensive part of the EV drive trains, this is also an economically sensible road to success for our customers! 

We believe that building efficient and cost-effective EV drive trains should be available to all companies who build, maintain or retrofit conventional vehicles and equipment. And not be limited to the bigger brands or expensive cars. 

Whether you are building a competitive car for the Formula E, designing and converting a fleet of construction equipment, or retrofitting a classic bike in your own garage: we will help you design and build your battery pack with the right performance and longevity for your application! And if weight, volume or energy density are an issue, we will happily apply our proprietary liquid cooling technology in the battery pack to help you to overcome those issues.

High-tech start-up in the Dutch Brainport region

Power Battery has been founded in 2018 by Peter Hinten and Jan-Hein van Twist. The founding team combines in-depth knowledge of designing and producing robust, reliable and cost-effective battery solutions with experience in building strong relationships with partners. This enables us to create a solid supply chain to address all our customers’ wants and needs. Of course, none of this would be possible without our professional team of engineers, technicians and commercial colleagues. 

We are based in Nuenen, the Netherlands. This picturesque village is famous for van Gogh but more importantly, it is part of the Eindhoven Brainport region. This region supports high-tech giants such as Philips Electronics, ASML, VDL and DAF trucks as well as all the smaller specialist suppliers, engineering companies and the TU/e and Applied Science Universities in Eindhoven. We benefit from our local and international network and collaboration with the universities and our partners.

Our core team

Combining business and technology

Peter Hinten


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Email: peter@powerbattery.nl

Jan-Hein van Twist

Business development

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Roel Helder

Application engineer

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Wessel Uijtdehaag


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Our Partners


We have selected TekShift as our partner due to their extensive knowledge about motor management systems. Their battery management systems (BMS) and (electric) vehicle control units (EVCU) are an essential part to building stable, high performing electric drivetrains. Together we’ve developed an online platform that uses the output of TekShift’s systems to help optimizing conditions for battery performance of our fluid cooled battery packs.


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