Battery Modules

Modular battery building blocks to fit any space

Our battery modules can be used for nearly every application as battery solution, high voltage solutions in particular. Their modular layout enables you to assemble a battery pack in mere hours. The integrated double fuses, mechanical connection between modules and sturdy housing will guarantee the safety. Place modules in series to reach the voltage your applications require and place modules in parallel to match the current your application needs. Connect the busbars with a BMS of your choice and you are ready to go!

  • Ready to use and suitable for most applications
  • Flexible design to fit any space
  • Cool staying batteries at high power output
  • Ideal for high voltage EV applications
  • Available with 18650 and 21700 cell types

Our battery modules come in 4 variants to suit the specific needs for your application

Module Extreme

This module is purpose-build for maximum performance in demanding applications. It is our go to module for race and performance electric vehicles demanding maximum power output.

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Power Battery Module Extreme

Module Performance

This module is the best of both power and range. Most used for electric vehicles in need for moderate to high power in a long range.  

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Power Battery Module Performance

Technical specifications 

Download our datasheet to find all information you need to match our batteries to your application. If you have any questions, or want to request a custom solution? Ask our experts here, they're glad to help you out!


Module Endurance

Designed for maximum range this module is ideal for electric vehicles in need for low to moderate power output at a long operation time. 

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Power Battery Module Endurance

Module Classic

Offering a good range for an attractive price this is our go to module for medium performance on a limited budget. 

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Power Battery Module Classic

Power Battery Calculator

Use the calculator to find out how many modules you need and to calculate the exact specifications for your battery pack. Use the comparison sheet to compare Power Battery versus LiFePo4 batteries. 

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EV battery modules 

Buy our modules in the webshop of our distribution partner EV Europe, or get a quote for your project.

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