Battery Packs

Tailor made battery packs to fit your needs 

Our battery packs are ready to use and tailored to your specific needs. The liquid cooled lithium-ion battery technology improves the efficiency and economic life span beyond the existing lithium-ion battery packs available on the market. The modular layout makes it an ideal solution if installation space is limited. The battery packs are suitable for all kinds of mobility and high power applications.

  • Ready to use drop in pack
  • Custom designed to fit any space
  • Cool staying batteries at high power output
  • Ideal for high voltage EV applications
Products Pack

Our battery packs are custom made by our team of experts following the exact requirements of your application. 

Building a battery pack

We are fully aware that building a safe, robust, reliable and durable battery pack is not easy. Specifically for low or medium production volumes. One our core competences is keeping the costs for drop-in packs in low volume at a fair price.

LFP battery packs

For business cases where size and weight isn't the most important consideration, we offer LiFePo4 battery pack engineering. This type of cell is less temperature critical, has an excellent lifespan and is much cheaper per kWh. In the industry, construction equipment and agriculture, this type of cell meets the requirements on both technical and business aspects. 

Li-Ion battery packs

For business cases that need to save space and weight, we offer high performance Li-Ion battery pack engineering. We design and manufacture drop-in battery pack solutions that meet your specific needs. 

NMC battery pack

Perfect for versatile business needs, NMC battery packs offer a captivating mix of high energy density, advanced safety features, long cycle life, rapid charging, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness. They are the preferred choice across various applications in the growing battery market.

LTO battery pack

Ideal for power-intensive business needs, LTO batteries boast rapid charging, extended cycle life, wide temperature range, safety, low maintenance, eco-friendliness, and fast charging. Perfect for diverse applications in energy storage and transportation.

Power Battery Calculator

Use the calculator to find out how many modules you need and to calculate the exact specifications for your battery pack. Use the comparison sheet to compare Power Battery versus LiFePo4 batteries. 

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EV battery packs

Get a quote for the battery pack for your project or ask our experts for advice. 

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