Unique cooling system

The Power Battery product portfolio works with a unique and innovative cooling principle for battery packs. The thermal measurements during high performance testing show that the batteries remain cool under extreme discharge conditions. 

Battery temperature control under high power delivery is important. Better cooling means the batteries can be discharged faster giving higher continuous performance and for a longer period of time. Battery life will not get negatively affected by overheating.

Cooling in existing battery systems is less efficient. Therefore these systems need to be bigger and heavier to get the same performance. Within limited space this means less performance and range.

The design of the “Liquid cooled Lithium-ion battery module” from Power Battery, is based on maximum heat transfer of the cells to the integrated cooling circuit. This results in very effective temperature control, much improved performance and life span over commercially available battery solutions in the market today.

The temperatures measurements of the Power Battery solution are shown in the figure. These values are based on a comparison between the Power Battery “Performance” model and the best available alternative in the market. Both are tested under the same conditions.

Temperature Comparison Power Battery

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