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Transitioning to an electric or hybrid drivetrain aligns with the global trend towards cleaner transportation solutions across various applications. However, navigating this transition can be complex, involving unclear specifications, required components, and critical safety considerations. Additionally, understanding the specific use case and business case is often essential for success.


Joint Engineering Journey

At Power Battery, we serve a diverse clientele spanning the automotive spectrum, from race cars to heavy-duty diggers, Energy Storage Systems, maritime application and even classic car conversions. People have not many places to go to solve their drivetrain challenge. Power Battery offers simply more than the competition.

We don’t just do consulting and development of high performance energy storage solutions. At Power Battery, we go the extra mile by inviting our customers to join us on our joint engineering journey. Through weekly meetings, we sit down with our clients to discuss decisions together. Transparency and customer input are not just values we uphold, but integral aspects of our process.

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Extensive expertise

We've amassed extensive expertise unlike anywhere else in designing, developing, and manufacturing plug-and-play battery solutions for drivetrains. Our team of engineers is well-equipped to assist you with every facet of your project, from assessing power demands and selecting the optimal battery type to ensuring compliance with all safety standards and seamlessly integrating the battery pack into your application.

Whether it's for an existing system or a brand-new design. We meticulously consider requirements related to maintenance, load cycles, and real-time monitoring of battery status.

In our experience, seeking professional engineering advice in the early stages of a project can prevent numerous issues down the line and ensure smoother progress. A consultation can set your project on the right track. Together, we can determine the level of support that best suits your needs. We offer expertise in both concept engineering and battery pack engineering. Feel free to reach out to us for personalized assistance in crafting the perfect battery pack solution to meet your specific needs.

Our technical and business team are open to help you out on the different aspects on the transition towards a clean drivetrain.

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