Fun & sport vehicle batteries

High performance battery packs for electric motorsports and fun vehicles

Power Battery designs and produces high power battery solutions for all kind of sport and fun vehicle applications. Thanks to our unique and patented cooling solution, our battery packs deliver continuous high power output. While keeping the battery cells at low temperatures of around 55 C° after extreme discharging.

  • Cool staying batteries at high output
  • High power density
  • Modular to fit any space
  • Lightweight modular design
  • Ideal for high voltage usage drivetrains 

Electric motorsports

Motorsport has been around for a long time. Events like Grands Prix are spectacular and attract lots of spectators. With one of our founders being an enthousiastic amateur track racer, we have a warm motorsports heart. The idea for optimized cooling actually came up when designing and building an electric bike for track racing. 

Amateur motorsport is a fairly big industry. Motorsport, and amateur sport in particular, has come under pressure due to noise and emission regulations. Tracks have closed and the number of events has gone down. Transitioning to electric motorsports could help with some of the issues that put these sports in a bad daylight.

Formula E may be the most familiar example of electric motorsport. This format has been around since 2014. Technological advancements were made over the years such as the drivers switching cars mid race, because the batteries could only last half a race. This is now a thing of the past as battery technology has improved.

Quickly find out how much performance and capacity will fit in your application? Check our Battery Calculator.

Electric go-karting

Electric go-karting has become the standard in the rental sector and various electric racing formats exist as well. The official FIA karting championship is still gas powered, although the FIA mentions objectives for a electric GT championship (eGT) on their website for 2023.

Electric jetski

Another good example of an application where high power is needed with a small battery pack. The cooling system is much easier here since we have enough cold water.

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