Retrofit batteries

High performance retrofit batteries for classic car EV conversion

For the last few years there has been a huge growth in the EV conversion market, especially in converting classic cars to electric. Because cities want to reduce the emissions in traffic, old vehicles get banned from their centres. The restricted areas for those vehicles grow larger by the year.

  • Modular to fit any space 
  • Lightweight modular design
  • Ideal for high voltage usage 
  • Proven quality for high end applications

Classic on the outside, future proof on the inside

There are still a large number of classic vehicles out in the world. People who own them want to keep using these vehicles in the future. To be allowed to do that, the emissions of these vehicles need to be reduced. The best way to do that is to convert these vehicles to electric. With the conversion to electric, emissions get reduced to zero. In this way the owners can enjoy their classic cars for many years to come.

Battery modules for classic cars

At Power Battery we produce the modules that can be used in the conversion of these cars to electric. Our "endurance" and "performance" modules are designed with the specific needs of classic cars in mind. Because of the modularity of the modules it is possible to make a battery pack a perfect fit for a vehicle that was in no way designed to be ever electric. There is no need to cut away sheet metal or to make modifications that will compromise the character of the vehicle. With these modules the vehicle will look no different than the car it was before.

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