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Creating an optimal electric drivetrain for your application can be quite a challenge. At Power Battery, we develop, test, and produce high-power battery packs and modules. We have all the knowledge in-house required to build electric drivetrains. That's why we can offer you exactly the right kind of support for your project. 


Levels of support

We design and implement battery modules for clients in high-performance e-racing, mobility, maritime and professional power tools. Professional engineering advice in the early stages of a project can save a lot of trouble in the long run, in our experience.

Do you feel that you need just a little support to help you decide what’s best for your project? Or would you prefer to sit down and get advice from one of our experts? A consultation might help to set you project on the right track. Together, we can determine what level of support suits you and your project. We offer help in the concept engineering and in the battery pack engineering. 

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Concept engineering

Transitioning towards an electric or hybrid drive train fits the current global trend towards clean drive trains for many different applications. It is however not always obvious how to approach this endeavor, what specifications are required, what parts are needed and what safety issues are important to keep in mind. Other aspects that are important most of the times are the use case and business case. 

Our technical and business team are open to help you out on the different aspects on the transition towards a clean drivetrain.

Battery pack engineering

We have build up experience in designing, developing and producing drop-in battery solutions for drivetrains. Our engineers can support you in all aspects concerning power demand, choice of battery type, safety requirements and fitting the battery pack into your application. Weather it is in an existing application or in a complete new design.

Requirements concerning maintenance, load cycles and online monitoring of the battery status are all taken into consideration. Let us know if we can help you out to design and develop the right battery pack for your needs.

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